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Hungry City: At Belarussian Xata, Hearty Fare to Keep the Spirits Light
There is an odd magic at work at the Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn restaurant, where the food grows increasingly rich as the meal goes on.

Finding Produce in Alaska’s Long Winter Takes Wiles and Luck
Even in Anchorage, hunting down fresh fruit and vegetables can be like panning for gold. The smartest prospectors have a strategy.

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EMC (Events Management Company) are knowledgeable in the exclusive logistics of open-air events and have worked on numerous events together with firework displays, Hi-fi concerts, Hi-fashion parades, Digital musical Extravaganza, New Year Eve, Private entertainment events, Tea Party, open air DJ party, Wedding, Employee Dating fest and other festivals.

EMC (Events Management Company) endeavor to bring open-air events to the uppermost values by means of ingenious and electrifying original thoughts and can help you in the association of each and every aspects of your event from water/power/manpower/equipments supply and provisional structures, to safekeeping and cuisine. EMC (Events Management Company) has sturdy operational interaction amid experts in production and together with this team we can certify the uppermost eminence of auditory chart, lighting and staging equipment for your event. By combining our knowledge and inventiveness with the most excellent in the ground-breaking methodological, blueprint and leisure, we can guarantee that your occasion will be operated to the premier standards, leaving you in the safe hands.

Whatsoever the outside occasion be, we aspire at providing high-quality leisure for each and every one in a mixture of locality. We have been fortunate to present proceedings in cooperation with local establishment and festivals in USA, UK, China, Japan, Russia and India.

When you require sound apparatus, Trendy Hi-fi systems on hire, illuminating apparatus, phase hire, event planning, conferences, commercial events, event squad, or any of our outdoor event services, just contact EMC (Events Management Company) corporate Office. Contact us for : Outdoor Events, Outdoor Concerts, Out door Festivals, Golf Events, and other International Sports Events.